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Episode 22: Looking to the Future: Economic Practices, Technology, and Collaboration

The world we live in is in flux. On this podcast, we continue our conversation with IFT’s own Maria Velissariou and April Rinne on where they see the world going, particularly as it relates to food, economic practices, emerging technologies, and the importance of sustainability. We’ll discuss the future of work, the role of innovation in the food system, and the importance of collaboration across sectors.

Episode 21: Sustaining Our Global Food System: Our Role as Global Citizens

On this podcast, we discuss global connectedness, including the complexities of both economies and supply chains, as well as what it means to be a global citizen. Joining us in this discussion are Maria Velissariou and April Rinne.  We’ll explore the rapid changes taking place in the light of COVID-19 and explore what recent emerging trends could mean, particularly as it relates to work and the food system.