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Episode 14: Why is there Rapid Expansion in the Alternative Protein Market?

There is a huge global movement of consumers seeking alternative protein options well beyond the vegetarian/vegan niche. While bean burgers and tofu have been popular for decades, the market for novel innovations from nut milks to cellular agriculture is on fire.  This IFTNEXT Food Disruption podcast  brings together experts from three different sectors to discuss the current and future state of the rapidly changing landscape in alternative proteins.  We’ll discuss plant-based, cell-based, and fermentation technologies and explore both the challenges and opportunities to bring new products to market for an increasingly diverse consumer base seeking new alternatives to their diets.


  • Andrew Ive, Founder and GP of Big Idea Ventures and New Protein Fund
  • Lou Cooperhouse, President and CEO of Blue Nalu
  • Julie Mann, Global Protein Program Manager at Ingredion, Inc.


  • Matt Teegarden, IFTNEXT Food Disruption Podcast Host and Nutrition Scientist at Abbott

Episode 13: Food Foundations Part 3 – Rooted in Sustainable Food Systems: The Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation

‘Food Foundations’ is a play on words that highlights foundations that work on improving global food and agriculture. The focus is on how food science could improve lives by increasing food supplies, extending shelf life, improving packaging and storage, reducing postharvest loss and consumer waste, integrating nutrition and agriculture, training and education, food safety, sustainable food systems, etc. Other aspects may also be covered, depending on the foundation’s specific work. This episode features the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation.

Marta Antonelli, PhD

Donna Rosa

Matt Teegarden, PhD