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Episode 7: R&D Initiatives that Stand to change the Future of Food

Every day, science of food professionals, entrepreneurs and researchers are working on the big and small breakthroughs that will change our food system. In the last couple of years, new products and ingredients have made us rethink how we consume and produce foods; Ingredients like ghost pepper and the “impossible burger” have delighted consumers, while innovations in 3D printing have moved us closer to other breakthroughs, like putting people on Mars. But before these initiatives hit the market, years of R&D goes into developing, testing and prototyping to enable their success.

In this episode, we’ve invited a few of our IFTNEXT Food Disruption Challenge judges, mentors, and supporters to discuss the future of food and exciting R&D initiatives they expect may disrupt the marketplace in the next couple of years.

Host: Matt Teegarden, IFT Member

Guests include:

  • Evan Hyman, Director, Emerging Business at Ingredion Incorporated
  • Lenny Lebovich, Founder and CEO of PRE® Brands
  • Justin Shimek, CEO & CTO, Mattson
  • Natalie Shmulik, CEO of The Hatchery Chicago