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Episode 6: Emerging Trends in Health Technologies and the Promises of Personalized Nutrition

Join scientist and clinician Ashley Vargas, PhD, MPH, RDN, FAND; Dr. David Dunaief internist specializing in integrative medicine; Jeff Hilton partner and co-founder of BrandHive;  and Dr. Emily Contois, PhD, MPH, MLA food and culture scholar at Brown University and they discuss personalized nutrition. Is it a fad or the way of the future?

One of the biggest trends this year in food innovation is in personalization. From apps that can deliver micronutrient and vitamin deficiency data anywhere, any time to “wearables” synched to a huge database that uses AI and machine learning to track nutrition and behavior data and suggest personalized recipes or menus, there is a convergence of nutrition and technology. This discussion will explore the promises of personalized nutrition as well as what food product, sensory, manufacturer, and marketing professionals need to consider as they work together to develop future food products for consumers and whether investing in this technology will help them retain customers or better yet, grab a larger percentage of their market share.