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Episode 5: Trends and Challenges Impacting the Dairy Industry and What Opportunities they Pose for Today’s Dairy Professionals

We’ve all heard the phrase “Got milk?” But, answering this question has become increasingly more complicated with consumers’ needs becoming more diverse and awareness more global. Whether its consumers seeking more natural, “clean” foods, or increased demand for transparency across food chains, or smart technologies raising consumers’ expectations of product “experience,” the dairy industry is adapting and evolving to thoughtfully respond to consumer demands.

In this podcast, guests Veronique Lagrange, consultant for the American Dairy Products Institute and Matthew Pikosky, Vice President of Nutrition Science and Partnerships at Dairy Management Incorporated, take a closer look at the macro forces at work, their challenges and opportunities, and what science of food professionals working in this industry today need to consider as they innovate and work to ensure safe, nutritious, and sustainable dairy products for all.